At Estate Organizers, we help our clients deal with the complexities of the estate settlement process and provide services organize all of the key information related to their estates to make the future transition smoother, quicker, and less stressful for their loved ones. Following a death, we work with the executor and heirs to help with the all of the details and tasks necessary to settling the estate.


  • Financial Organization
    • Sorting through important documents
    • Filing
    • Digital storage creation
  • Creation of Estate Blueprint
    • This single source document will contain all legal, financial, and personal information to be distributed to the person in charge of your estate, to ensure proper execution of your will.
  • Digital asset management
    • Creation of a secure storage location for your digital account information and how to access them.
  • Trust pre-funding
  • Re-registering and re-titling of assets
  • , including research on funeral and burial options and assistance in writing of an obituary.
  • Planning for the┬ácare of pets and animals.
  • Annual reviews to ensure that all information is kept accurate.

Estate settlement and administration

We can assist your personal representative or beneficiary with the following

  • Sorting through documents to identify assets and determining how they are held or titled.
  • Identifying unknown physical assets.
  • Contacting financial institutions for the┬ádate of death valuations.
  • Research into real estate and personal property worth.
  • Compiling all data
  • Notifying of death
    • Governmental and legal entities, including the Post Office, Utilities, Financial institutions, and Insurance companies.
    • personal and familial contacts.
  • Determining, obtaining, and helping to complete paperwork for
    • Insurance claims
    • Gaining access to accounts
    • Re-registering and re-titling of assets
    • Collecting money owed to the estate.
  • Assist with record keeping.
  • Interface with personal advisers.