We can make it easier and less stressful

At Estate Organizers, we help clients deal with the complexities of the estate settlement process.  We also help organize estates in advance for easier transitions.

Settling the estate of a loved one can be time consuming and stressful. An inventory needs to be taken, forms completed, and notifications made. If the estate is not well organized and details not communicated to the executor and the beneficiaries, getting a clear picture of assets, liabilities, income sources, and expenses can be an overwhelming process. We work with executors and  beneficiaries to help them with the all of the details and tasks necessary in settling the estate with the goal of easing their burden during a very challenging time. This can include sorting through and organizing financial statements and other documents, tracking down what required paperwork for claiming assets and changing titles,  help in completion of paperwork, and working with your attorney, financial planner, CPA, or other advisers.

Through our estate settlement work, we’ve learned estates which are properly organized can be settled quicker and easier– and with less stress.  We work with clients to create an “Estate Blueprint”; a comprehensive inventory of all your assets, liabilities, income sources, and expenses with  key information about each item and settlement instructions for each. Updated annually, this resource will provide your executor and family the information they need at their fingertips. They’ll have an easy to follow guide of all that needs to be done, who to contact, and how to handle each step. Having this organized inventory will also help your attorney and other advisers to handle your estate more quickly and efficiently.