Welcome to Estate Organizers. We are a Denver-based company dedicated to assisting with the complexities of the estate settlement process. We work to organize financial and personal information to make the future transition smooth for the personal representative and heirs. We work with your family and their representatives to help with the details and tasks necessary to settling your estate, with the goal of easing their burden during a very challenging time.

Many of us believe if we have done proper estate planning, creating the necessary wills and other legal documents, the estate settlement process will be a simple one. Though the legal documents created are essential and should assure the estate eventually passes as we intended, it is only one step in the process. The reality is every single asset or liability, income or expense item that has our name on it will have to be handled in some way and much of this must be dealt with prior to the assets of the estate being distributed.

At Estate Organizers, our services are designed to help clients deal with the complexities of the estate settlement process, with the goal of assisting in one of the most difficult times in any person’s life.